HIpp hipp hurray!!!

Yay... Today is not a normal Tuesday. It's the tuesday our big  boy turns 4!!
I took today off work and organized a birthday party down in Palm beach with some close friends and family.
It was a absolute wonderful day, big thank you to everyone that came!
A few pics from today...

Christmas conserts

It's getting closer to the big day.Last week both Jaimee and Jesse had their christmas concerts atkindy and school. Since their Pa is up from Tassie he was able to join in or the fun too. Here is some pictures.
This is rom Jesse's kindy and Jaimee's After school care...
And this is from Jaimees' christmas concert...

All gone

Well those 3,5 weeks went quicker then quickest. Mum and dad are already home.
We were able to do lots of fun stuff and the kids just loved having them here.
Of course lots of tears in the car on the way home from the airport, but this time it didn't feel as tough to leave them as last time.
Well well. Good thing my dad is attached to his camera since i barely took mine out.
So here is some pics from their visit.
















This cracks me up

I can not stop laughing at this song.... Soooo funny!!
Lucy Spraggan - Last night

Final count down

more sleeps til my mum and dad will arrive... wiiihoooooo....

Make over

Well... we've lived in the hose for over 1 year now! And so far we've pretty much only had furnitures in empry room... And not too much other then that. Well the kids bed rooms have been finished for a long time but all the other rooms are still a disaster...
So I have started to sort that out to make it more of a home feeling.
So this is what I've done in the lounge room so far. We already have a few nice pictures in there so this was just the final touch to make it look perfect!
My next mission is our bedroom since I haven't decided on any colours for the kitchen yet...
But I've just finished off these large paintings for our bedroom. And I am very pleased with the result.
Josh even thought I  had bought them. So that must be a good feedback. ha ha.

Dance competition

Jaimee had her first dance competition today in Brisbane. There was 5 teams in her age group (5-6 years). And they were just fantastic. Jaimee and the other girls did a fabulous job. And they came on FIRST place...
They put in their full effort and heart and was just shining!!!! I am more then proud of her. I woud have been no matter what the outcome would have been. Being 6 years old and to up on stage for 50 people for the first time ever is a big accomplishment just that. Here is some pictures from today.
Jaimee is in the front on the far left of the group dancing pictures.

Catch up

Been a while again... had the internet down for a while since I downloaded too much shit ha ha...
Thank god for the shit internet we got here :/ NOT!
Ah well... Last 3 days we've had over 30 degrees outside... sooooo nice. I think it will be a hot summer *fingers crossed*
And here is some photos...
A couple of weeks ago we went on a roadtrip up to Noosa, on our way back we drowe down along the Sunshine coast....
Little Jesse got ear infection and got some spiderman medicine from the doctor.
I've cut my hair and madfe it light brown and also done more of my tattoo...

My new baby

My baby is now home ans safe since a week back soon,... Ahhh...
Nissan Xtrail 2010... What a releaf to get rid of that Commodore!!!!!!!!!

car car car car

The time have come to say goodbye to my little car...
So if anyone wants to buy it... $2000 ono.

And it is the car we are looking at.... Nissan x-trail


It's been a while since I've updated...AGAIN!
So sorry but our internet is not always our best friend.
Not too much that have happened here lately, but here is some pics :)

Midsummer celebration with some other Swedish friends and familys.

My little puppy dog Clyde, so beautiful.


Jaimee <3

The dogs decided to chew the fence, a few days later they chewed a bit more and got out.
Luckily our neighbours were home and locked them

And thanks to Craig the fence is fixed and those dogs ain't going no where!! :)

And this is the "passion fruit tree".... no clue what it is, but its beautiful!

Jaimee on her way to the "Year 1 sleep over" at school.

My beautiful Jaimee <3

Jesse to the left. Ready to sprint at kindy olympics.

Jesse got a gold medal at Kindy at their olympic race.

Mummy and Jaimee day atthe beach... <3

Dream world

Wooohooo...I've finally been to Dream world. And I must say that it is the best amusement park on the coast!!
It was Jaimees friends birthday party and se had it at Dream world.
I cant wait tgo go back there nd go on all the rides again!!
Since it was a kids party I had to behave and followed along with the younger once.
But I was lucky enoughto be able to go on:
BUZZSAW, THE DROP and TOWER OF TERROR... and a few more but them  was by far the best!!!
Some pics from the day...

Jaimees room

I've been going a bit nuts when it came down to the kids rooms. I think it mainly because I want them to feel that we have finally landed and that the plan is to stay for a while.

Jaimee asked for a Rainbow room with fairies. And as a nice mum I tried my hardest to do ask she wished.

It started with one wall.

Then my parents came for a visit and me and my mum painted a wall together.

All the other walls I left that boring beige, until Yesterday!!!
And this is what I did to them.

SO now I'm just going to find some wall shelves and a bean bag and then her room will be all finished!


18 months have gone past... 18 months of  living in the land of "Down under"...
It have been tough 18 months, alot of things have happened, both good and bad but I wouldnt change it for the world. I still miss my family and some friends. But im really happy thata my mum and dad are able to come for longer visits. And to be honest it doesnt feel like its 6 months since I saw them. Skype and MSN is one of the best things ever invented. It all feels so much easier when you can see someone.

I have started to do nails aswell. Witch I really enjoy!! I know I know, clothes, cakes and now nails. But I have to say that out of it all Nails is by far the thing I like the most. I had a friend over today and I made her nails...
So here they are...

...catch up with pix...

Jesse and Josh at Seaworld

Jesse at Sea World

Jesse and Josh in the Rainforest

Jaimee at her school disco

Jesse at Jaimees disco

Jaimee at Movie world

Jesse and Jaimee at Movie world

Jesse all passed out

Kids christmas gift from nana, pa and grammy

Kids having fun

Jesse turning 3

Jaimees new school uniform

First lunch out on the decking

Who could guess they are related

Josh cooking some food


Fire twirling down at Burleigh



Jesse is in chocolate heaven thanks to Amy

Jesse riding for his 2nd time

went to the movies and watched the pirate movie

Some of the Kids on the street

Gone fishing

Jesse got his firstset of lego

Jaimee turning 6

Jaimee and her dance group at the fairy concert.

...The tattoo...

Not finished yet... still have some outlining and coloring in to do!

...The dogs...

We have 2 beautiful dogs now aswell...
Clyde who is 6 months...
And Chilli who turns 2 years in July...

...The house...

our precious house... <3

New page in life....

Long time no see... Been out of internet for quite a while but taaadaaaa... Back up and running!! Wiihoo!!

ALOT have happened since last time!!

We have bought a house, I got a big chest tattoo, my mum and dad have been here!!! <3, Helen and Roy have been here for Christmas, Josh is working in the mines, we've bought a dog, and another dog, Jesse is now 3!!! And I a working with shoes..

Well alot of you have been updated on Facebook already but not all of you!
Will put up pictures later this week...need to go threw all of them first and sort it all out!!!

Over and out for now... Talk to you all later!!!


Today we've been to Hope and Graemes' wedding... It was really nice and she looked beautiful!
I made the wedding cake for them and it turned out just beautiful!!!

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