I've done some cakes they are....

...The cakes...

Dream to reality??

I've wanted for quite a while now to be able to make cakes for a living. Just think it's so much fun and relaxing...
So I have set up a new blog.


To see what other people think. There  is som pretty awsome places around that makes the most amazing cake stuff you could ever imagine!.. So yes, breaking in to the market would be tough!
I don't think I'm awsome making the stuff But I do think that what I do is really good... So I do think I would be able to live on it! But we will see... As you all know I wanna do so much stuff... I wanna start my own company making clothes, I wanna restore old furnitures, I wanna be a stylist... ETC ETC ETC...

Sugarpaste in my vains...

Been making another Orchid.. And I am very pleased with the result... Lets just hope the Bride and groom are happy too... Hard to get that dark blue they want without a paintbrush but just painting it so far is working all ok!!
Pic doesn't do it right... But it is very nice IRL!

This is the base colour I made it in!

Now I've painted it with a Dark blue and a shimmering White to make it more alive...


I'll put up some of the cakes I've made here again!!

The famous Ariel cake I made for Jaimee's 3rd birthday...

Jesse's first birthday cake... Jungel...

Mine and Josh birthday cake!

The swedish and Australian flag... When 2 countries ar united...

The mini cakes...

The first cake I've ever made. Jaimee's first birthday!

Birthdaycake for Rasmus 3 years old!

Another cake for Rasmus 3rd birthday party

Rose cake...

Thank you cake for Jaimee's teachers. Her last day at kindy in Vallentuna.

Jaimee's 2nd birthday cake. Teletubbies

Jesse's 2nd birthdaycake

3-story christmas tree cake!

A princess for Ebbas 3rd birthday

Flowers in my hair...

Josh cousin is going to gett married now in June and I'm going to make some orcids for their cake...
Still a bit tricky, but I'll be getting a hang of it soon... Just going to make the round leaves a bit bigger and the throut a bit slimmer and a smaller center... But not too bad for my first go.

They are going to be blue, and theedges will be a bit darker blue then this but I will need a Air-brush to fix that.

But here is a sample! And yes I know all the leaves looks different. Just tried a few differentthings to see what will look best...

more and more and more

Jesse in his new outfit!

Velour pants unisex


Another skirt

Thin jersey pants, same model as the monkey pants.


I've finished a few things for the kids now... Lots to go thou...
Me like, you like?

Didn't notice until after that Jaimee have had her finger on the lens, so the pics are a bit smudged..

Jaimee with a skirt full of mushrooms!!!!

Jaimee with some yellow/purple tights

Jaimee with some bicykle tights

Jesse with some nice thin and loose pants. Filled with monkeys

Long sleeved sweather with a chest pocket.

Detail pic of the pocket

and the blankets... of course...

More pics will come up tomorrow....

Clothes clothes clothes

Dags att bli av med lite grejjer....

36 plagg, allt för 500 kr. (Eller så säger ni det ni vill ha från det så gör vi ett paketpris av det!)

Bruna Roobeez tofflorna, 150 kr.

Tricot-slen svart bärsjal, 400 kr.

nån som vill köpa?

STRL. 50
5 långärmade omlott bodys
3 långärmade bodys
6 byxor
1 hängselbyxa
1 sovpåse
1 trosa
1 overall

STRL. 56
1 kortärmad body
5 långärmade bodys
1 pyjamas
1 zip jacka
4 byxor

STRL. 62
1 Jacka
2 långärmade bodys
1 byxa
1 bodysuit

STRL. 62
Overall med små tossor

0-6 månader
Roobeez tofflor, nyskick, 150 kr

Tricot-slen bärsjal
nyskick, 400 kr

Jaimee is a princess!

I made Jaimee a dress a few days ago.. and she loves it!.. every time she sees it she says that she is a princess!... Cuuuuuutie!! Josh think it looks like a plasticbag at the bottem!... Good thing it's me that dresses our kids!.. *ha ha*

New blogg

I've started a new blogg for all the cakes and CC!
So this blogg will just be about me, myself and my familjy now!

And here's the new blogg adress:

Cup cakes

I've made my first "real" cupcakes today!
Chocolate/raspberry with white fudge and roses!...
It was quite hard to make the fudge firm... But hopefully it will go better next time!
And since no one (except for Jaimee) in this houshold is super fond of cupcakes i brought them to daycare and gave it to the teachers!... They are doing a super good job there, Jaimee loves it... And they got super happy!!...

When i grow up!

i think i want to bake cakes!!...
So much fun now since you get started!

It started of as my mission impossible since i was a bit too slow to order a birthday cake for her 1 year party!

And this is what i've created so far!

Jaimee's first birthday cake 2007 (1 year)

Jaimee's birthday cake 2007 (1 year)

Jaimee's Birthday cake 2008 (2 years)

Jaimee's birthday cake 2009 (3 years)

Detail on Ariel cake 2009 (3 years)

Details Ariel cake 2009 (3 years)

Jaimee's birthday cake 2009 (3 years)

Detail on rose cake 2009 (3 years)

ariel done! :)


ariel done! :)

Going mental!

Every year arond this time i think i'm some kind of superwoman!...
And actually belive i will be abel to pull off a birthday cake for Jaimee...
This year she have asked for a blue cake with Ariel from the little mermaid on it!...
And of course my horse i'm going to make it...

And so far so good...

all pieces are done just the hair left but i can't make it until i've been abel to put the mermaid together...
and that sure is a mission impossible!!!!... *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

It just falls apart and fucks up... it gets dusty and just looks like shit... =(
Aja... got 1 more week to make it happen!...
Or i'm totally screwed!...

This is what i've done so far in the sugar molding paste.....

but luckely i got a plan B and that is to buy a ariel barbie and stick it in a cake and make a dress as a cake!... That can NOT be as retarded to make as this....

Mummys lil princess!!

Also found this dress i'm going to make for Jaimee...
SO CUTE!!!!... Think she's going to love it... my lil princess... *awww*

i'm in love...

i so so so want this one to be mine mine mine mine mine!!

Out with the old, in with the new!

And once again i'm cleaning out the closet!
But this time it's mainly the storage space downstairs!
I've saved almost all of Jaimees clothes if we would have another kid! And yes now we do but i'm quite sure that Jesse doesn't wanna wear chicks clothes so now it's time to sell almost all of it!
I'm going to save some special things for her but not much!

So here you go... happy bidding!!!



Har precis vunnit denna sprillans nya klänning till Jaimee...
För 1 kr... =) Ibland gillar jag verkligen tradera!

Snart är det kalas

Snart väller folket in och det är dags för kalas!!
Jaimee tjatar ivrigt om alla "pjestenter" hon ska få...

Tårtan är gjord... och här är resultatet!!...  =)



Shit vad det e svårt att hitta bra presenter till Jaimee nu när hon fyller 2.. Men nu är vi snart klara!!

Än sålänge har jag shoppat loss på detta...

image207 image206image208

å sen lite annat smått å gott som en törnrosa docka å en brödkavel så hon kan baka med mamma =)....

ville så gärna ha klänningen i rosa burnt åxå men den var helt snetryckt... =( Men men... inte fy skam detta!!!
(Tack mamma för att du kunde köpa ut t-shirten)

Bara en 3-hjuling kvar att införskaffa... har bara inte hittat nån fin ännu... men det e jue 2 veckor kvar så det ska nog gå prima =) Vill dock köpa denna... Men 1200 kr.. Är inte det liiiite overkill?
Fin iaf!


Lutar dock att bli denna!


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