Dance competition

Jaimee had her first dance competition today in Brisbane. There was 5 teams in her age group (5-6 years). And they were just fantastic. Jaimee and the other girls did a fabulous job. And they came on FIRST place...
They put in their full effort and heart and was just shining!!!! I am more then proud of her. I woud have been no matter what the outcome would have been. Being 6 years old and to up on stage for 50 people for the first time ever is a big accomplishment just that. Here is some pictures from today.
Jaimee is in the front on the far left of the group dancing pictures.

Postat av: Mormor

Stort GRATTIS Jaimee, det ska bli kul att se videon när vi kommer. Vi ses snart!
Kram från mormor och morfar

2012-10-14 @ 12:02:01
Postat av: Moster

WOW Jaimee - stort Grattis till första platsen!
Vad fin du är. Kram från moster.

2012-10-16 @ 18:51:47
Postat av: Anonym

( varför har 6-åringar bara baddräkt på sig?)

2012-10-16 @ 18:53:38

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