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Its been quite a while since i updated... Alot of things have happened!!!

2 major things thou!

1. I got a job!!
2. I've stopped smoking!!

Otherwise everything is like it always have been...
A few pics from the month that have gone past!!

Brekki in Burleigh Heads on Mothers day morning!

Brekki in Burleigh Heads on Mothers day morning!

Play on the beach in Burleigh Heads on Mothers day morning!

Jaimees' mothers day card!

When Jaimee grows up she wants to be a Mermaid...

Morning walk in Broadbeach!

Jesse out shopping with mummy!!

Postat av: Therese

Grattis och bra jobbat :D

Vad fina ni är, saaaknaaa!

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