When 5 becomes 6!

We now gota new family member!! Her neme is Capella. And it's Josh new girlfriend! And she is beauuuuutiful!
Compared to the mazda that we had in sweden this one is 1000 times better... IN MANY WAYS! Nothing really needs to bedone to it. It just needs to be registered and get an Insurence and then she is ready to roll. The outside is stunnig. "new" paintjob, They have rebuilt the engine, the inside is all nice and spotless. It feels so good that he was able to get a car he loves, for a kick ass prize, and to be able to drive it straight away. And YES of course Josh is going to do looooots of things on his lil beauty. But the good thing is that nothing of it is in a rush!!

Here she is...

Postat av: Nana & Pa

We are very proud of you and Josh and all you have accomplished in a short time. I am so pleased you and the children have settled in so well. I am sure there is lots more for you to do and as always we wish you every success now and in the future.

Love you all

Nana & Pa

2011-03-28 @ 03:41:26

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