Flowers in my hair...

Josh cousin is going to gett married now in June and I'm going to make some orcids for their cake...
Still a bit tricky, but I'll be getting a hang of it soon... Just going to make the round leaves a bit bigger and the throut a bit slimmer and a smaller center... But not too bad for my first go.

They are going to be blue, and theedges will be a bit darker blue then this but I will need a Air-brush to fix that.

But here is a sample! And yes I know all the leaves looks different. Just tried a few differentthings to see what will look best...

Postat av: Therese

Different? It looks awesome!

2011-03-01 @ 07:19:44
Postat av: Alexandra Ogenstedt

Du är så duktigt. Ser redan bra ut så det kommer

se fantastiskt ut när det är dags.


2011-03-02 @ 17:35:40

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