Binna Burra

Last Sunday morning we decided that it was time to leave the house and take a walk in Mountans that is just next to here. So we packed the bag with snacks, drinks and lunch and took off. So nice to get up there, walk around in the rainforest and breath in the fresh air! Almost unbeatable. Good thing the camera is really starting to shit it self so most of the pics are just shit as you will be able to see. There was a few different routs you could choose from and since we know that both Jaimee and Jesse loves to walk around and look at the trees, birds, flowers etc. we decided to take a rout that was 5 kilometers long! And belive it or not. Thekids walked around it with no complaining at all!!! Jaimee was going on about her beeing hungry at the end (We didn't find anywhere to set camp and eat along the rout) but with some grapes they were all good. And we only had to carry Jesse for the last 500 meters after he tripped over a root that was sticking up from the ground and hurt his knees!! It took almost 2 hours... Such a nice walk. And I do belive my(Johanna) mum and dad is going to go bananas when they get here and we go for walks... IT IS STUNNING!!!! Makesure you get a few extra batteries with you dad... hi hi

AND YES! You all know my bloody luck with these shit animals in this country!
Having spiders crawling up my leg, Possums stairing at me from the roof etc. THIS TIME! I almost stepped on a venomus snake!!!. Thought it was a branch on the ground but noooo.... 1 meter(!!!!!) infront of me was a 1,5 meter long Red-bellied Black Snake I ALMOST SHIT MYSELF! As I was holding Jesse i quickly truned around and went to Josh and Jaimee that was a few meters behind us. And we just had to stay there nicely til the snake had crawled up in the forest! Surely nothing to play with!...

Pics from the day... BUT FIRST!!!! a pic of the Raindeers we had in our back garden saturday afternoon!...


Time to get some yammy energy in the body before the hike!

And off we go...

Jaimee all excited...

An enormous tree

Me and Jesse just minutes before the snake incident

A blurry pic of a tiny bit of the snake as it was almost gone when we passed it, since I was still a bit shaky...

Finished... Back to the start!!!

And when we got home Jesse decided that it was time for a haircut! So when I was hanging up the washing to dry Jesse found Craigs hairclippers...
AND YES!!! I had to shave of his Mohawk! JEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSEEEEE!!!!
But it seems like he got a bit more upset then his mum about it. Because when he looked at himself in the mirrow after I cut his hair he started to scream and cry!! Well done Jesse!!
And he still have a line on his head from shaving since i didn't use the shortest one!... So YES! He looks like shit in his hair at the moment!... DOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!

Jesses haircut

Mummys haircut!


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