Wish list...

YES!!! Kids are getting more expensive by the years...

Jaimees wish list for her birthday is...

* Real horse
* Real puppy
* Barbie house
* Real Computer
* I-phone
* Moxie girls

SHE IS TURNING 5!!!!!!!!!!

Well well... She will be getting 2 of 6!!!

This barbie house...

And some Moxie girls...

Other then that she will be getting some Wall decorations and a canopy.

When 5 becomes 6!

We now gota new family member!! Her neme is Capella. And it's Josh new girlfriend! And she is beauuuuutiful!
Compared to the mazda that we had in sweden this one is 1000 times better... IN MANY WAYS! Nothing really needs to bedone to it. It just needs to be registered and get an Insurence and then she is ready to roll. The outside is stunnig. "new" paintjob, They have rebuilt the engine, the inside is all nice and spotless. It feels so good that he was able to get a car he loves, for a kick ass prize, and to be able to drive it straight away. And YES of course Josh is going to do looooots of things on his lil beauty. But the good thing is that nothing of it is in a rush!!

Here she is...

Birthday party coming up

Jaimee is soon turning 5!!! 1 month to go!!!
And today I made the booking to have her party at


Good stuff... I sure think they will have a great time and Jaimee is very happy to be ableto have her party there for her friends in school!!

She have also chosen what type of cake she wants....
And here it is... ha ha ha

Jaimee's rewards

Lately Jaimee have been everything but easy to handle. She doesn't listen, cries when she doesn't get what she want etc etc etc... The reason is obvious. She is just brilliant in the mornings but when she gets home from school she is so tired and do need a rest but she surely don't have time, because she wants to go play outside on the swings , trampoline or in the pool. Hard to get a soon 5 year old to understand that she needs to sit down for a bit and relax, when there is so much more fun stuff to do then that!

Well... We have had enough because it just gets hard for all of us to just fight and argue all afternoon.
SO!!!... We have now introduced two new things...:

This is a brilliant computer game for kids that is learning the abc and to read. She sits  happily infront of the computer and learns ALOT as she also get time to sit down and relax a bit.

The other and the biggest change is:


This is a piece of paper that is located on the fridge. It got all weekdays on it a few pictures and one box each of the pics for everyday! She now have to do following things without, arguing, questioning, crying, fighting. She need to listen and do as she is told the first time. Not the second or third!

Eat breakfast, get dressed, brush her hair and teeth

Sit down properly on the chair and eat up her lunch, and take the empty plate to the kitchen.

Sit down properly on the chair and eat up her dinner, and take the empty plate to the kitchen.

Put on her pyjamas and brush her hair and teeth

All day long:
Use her manners at ALL TIME! Like: "Excuse me" "May I please leave the table" "Thank you" etc.
Not crying, fighting, arguing etc. And most important LISTEN!

So every day just before she jumps in bed we go to the kitchen and we go threw the day. We talk about the morning, lunch, dinner, night and her manners. She says what she feels about the day and we say what we feel.

(Atleast I feel that she gets a better understanding of how much happier she can get by just stopping, looking at what is happening and instead of crying she can deal with it in a diffrent way. Just by talking about it together!)

And then the REWARD. If she completes a full day with no drama she will recive a star in the cirkle at the end of the day! And if she completes the full week with full stars (7 of them) she will get the PURPLE 5 dollar note that is located just above the rewardboard. If NOT, then the note will stay on the fridge til next week.

Jaimee is very excited about the fact that she can see the 5 dollar note (30 kr) she talks alot about that she is going to save up the money to buy a Moxi girl, a barbie that can sing and a kick bike. She is also well aware that it will take several weeks for her to get all the money to buy these things. But she is all ok with that!

So... I really don't wanna scream HELLO before we've even crossed the bridge. BUT Half week have gone past (started last monday) and she got full ticks in her boxes and 3 beautiful stars.
She is like a new kid already. Still tired from school, but easier to handle!

Dream to reality??

I've wanted for quite a while now to be able to make cakes for a living. Just think it's so much fun and relaxing...
So I have set up a new blog.


To see what other people think. There  is som pretty awsome places around that makes the most amazing cake stuff you could ever imagine!.. So yes, breaking in to the market would be tough!
I don't think I'm awsome making the stuff But I do think that what I do is really good... So I do think I would be able to live on it! But we will see... As you all know I wanna do so much stuff... I wanna start my own company making clothes, I wanna restore old furnitures, I wanna be a stylist... ETC ETC ETC...

Binna Burra

Last Sunday morning we decided that it was time to leave the house and take a walk in Mountans that is just next to here. So we packed the bag with snacks, drinks and lunch and took off. So nice to get up there, walk around in the rainforest and breath in the fresh air! Almost unbeatable. Good thing the camera is really starting to shit it self so most of the pics are just shit as you will be able to see. There was a few different routs you could choose from and since we know that both Jaimee and Jesse loves to walk around and look at the trees, birds, flowers etc. we decided to take a rout that was 5 kilometers long! And belive it or not. Thekids walked around it with no complaining at all!!! Jaimee was going on about her beeing hungry at the end (We didn't find anywhere to set camp and eat along the rout) but with some grapes they were all good. And we only had to carry Jesse for the last 500 meters after he tripped over a root that was sticking up from the ground and hurt his knees!! It took almost 2 hours... Such a nice walk. And I do belive my(Johanna) mum and dad is going to go bananas when they get here and we go for walks... IT IS STUNNING!!!! Makesure you get a few extra batteries with you dad... hi hi

AND YES! You all know my bloody luck with these shit animals in this country!
Having spiders crawling up my leg, Possums stairing at me from the roof etc. THIS TIME! I almost stepped on a venomus snake!!!. Thought it was a branch on the ground but noooo.... 1 meter(!!!!!) infront of me was a 1,5 meter long Red-bellied Black Snake I ALMOST SHIT MYSELF! As I was holding Jesse i quickly truned around and went to Josh and Jaimee that was a few meters behind us. And we just had to stay there nicely til the snake had crawled up in the forest! Surely nothing to play with!...

Pics from the day... BUT FIRST!!!! a pic of the Raindeers we had in our back garden saturday afternoon!...


Time to get some yammy energy in the body before the hike!

And off we go...

Jaimee all excited...

An enormous tree

Me and Jesse just minutes before the snake incident

A blurry pic of a tiny bit of the snake as it was almost gone when we passed it, since I was still a bit shaky...

Finished... Back to the start!!!

And when we got home Jesse decided that it was time for a haircut! So when I was hanging up the washing to dry Jesse found Craigs hairclippers...
AND YES!!! I had to shave of his Mohawk! JEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSEEEEE!!!!
But it seems like he got a bit more upset then his mum about it. Because when he looked at himself in the mirrow after I cut his hair he started to scream and cry!! Well done Jesse!!
And he still have a line on his head from shaving since i didn't use the shortest one!... So YES! He looks like shit in his hair at the moment!... DOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!

Jesses haircut

Mummys haircut!


Ever wondered how to do it? Well Jaimee and Ella will show you the cannonball, how to dive and the famous bumpower! :)

Sugarpaste in my vains...

Been making another Orchid.. And I am very pleased with the result... Lets just hope the Bride and groom are happy too... Hard to get that dark blue they want without a paintbrush but just painting it so far is working all ok!!
Pic doesn't do it right... But it is very nice IRL!

This is the base colour I made it in!

Now I've painted it with a Dark blue and a shimmering White to make it more alive...


I'll put up some of the cakes I've made here again!!

The famous Ariel cake I made for Jaimee's 3rd birthday...

Jesse's first birthday cake... Jungel...

Mine and Josh birthday cake!

The swedish and Australian flag... When 2 countries ar united...

The mini cakes...

The first cake I've ever made. Jaimee's first birthday!

Birthdaycake for Rasmus 3 years old!

Another cake for Rasmus 3rd birthday party

Rose cake...

Thank you cake for Jaimee's teachers. Her last day at kindy in Vallentuna.

Jaimee's 2nd birthday cake. Teletubbies

Jesse's 2nd birthdaycake

3-story christmas tree cake!

A princess for Ebbas 3rd birthday

Flowers in my hair...

Josh cousin is going to gett married now in June and I'm going to make some orcids for their cake...
Still a bit tricky, but I'll be getting a hang of it soon... Just going to make the round leaves a bit bigger and the throut a bit slimmer and a smaller center... But not too bad for my first go.

They are going to be blue, and theedges will be a bit darker blue then this but I will need a Air-brush to fix that.

But here is a sample! And yes I know all the leaves looks different. Just tried a few differentthings to see what will look best...

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