Happy New year!

So 2010 have come to its end. And oh my godness it was filled with alot of good and bad things.

Jesse had his 2nd operation, we went to Cyprus, i quit my job, we had to say goodbye to all our friends and familyas we moved to Australia, we've been to Tasmania and are now in the Gold coast. We got our "own" place to stay at now. And I got to celebrate Christmas and New year for the first time in my life in the heat! And just a few hours before 2010 was over I cried as i accedently touched a spider.

Sure hope that 2011 will bring lots of happines and joy for us and everyone I know!

We were suppose to celebrate new year at Burleigh but Jaimee and Ella started off the morning with threwing up, even thou they both was all good after lunch we decided to stay at home and have a picnick on the gras.
And we (atleast I) had lots of fun. And we celebrated the strike of 12AM to look at the fireworks from Sidney at the TV and playing Toad golf.

Some pics from the night!

Sparkys for the kids

Jesse happy

Craig and Josh


Jaimee Ella and Jesse

Mitchell, Phil, Jaimee, Ella, Jesse, Nikki, Josh Craig and Murray.

And when the dark set in the kids got plenty of Glowsticks.

And the lightshow was on.

Jaimee and Ella


Me Josh and Craig played some Toad golf.


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