First day at school

Today Jaimee had her first day at school!!!! She is such a big girl and it went all good.
She is adjusting well and really getting in to the group! Her teatcher Miss. Walsh said she is veryclever and that it felt like she had been in the group for ever. <3

Jesse even went for a visit at his new daycare. he will start tomorrow and for a beginning now he will be going every tuesday and thursday! It feels great and Jesse seems to like it!!

Pics from the day!

Jesse and Murray hugging BFF

Jesse visiting his new daycare

Waiting for Jaimee to finish her first school day

Our beautiful lil school girl have just finished her first day with a big A+

Postat av: Nana and Pa

What a wonderful day for both Jaimee and Jesse. A great start to the New Year in their new country.

Lets hope all goes well for them both in their new school and daycare. We are so very proud of them both.

Love Nana and Pa

2011-01-31 @ 10:33:46
Postat av: moran och faran

Very exciting for both kids to go to the school and daycare. It will be good for them to play with other kids.

Nice schooldress Jaimee, you are so pretty in it! Lovely!

A lot of hugs from moran and faran. We love you!

2011-01-31 @ 17:55:29
Postat av: Caroline

Det ser lixom ut som att ni är på semester! =P

2011-02-07 @ 22:54:45

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