Ready set to go!!

Jaimee is sooooo excited to go back to school. And Jesse is excited to go to kindy...

Forgot to show you the shopping list Jaimee wrote all byher self!!! I told her witch letters but nothing els. Since she now know her ABC she knows how they all looks.

First day at school

Today Jaimee had her first day at school!!!! She is such a big girl and it went all good.
She is adjusting well and really getting in to the group! Her teatcher Miss. Walsh said she is veryclever and that it felt like she had been in the group for ever. <3

Jesse even went for a visit at his new daycare. he will start tomorrow and for a beginning now he will be going every tuesday and thursday! It feels great and Jesse seems to like it!!

Pics from the day!

Jesse and Murray hugging BFF

Jesse visiting his new daycare

Waiting for Jaimee to finish her first school day

Our beautiful lil school girl have just finished her first day with a big A+

The school

This is the School that Jaimee starts on monday!

Yesterday we went shopping the last things she will need. Since they have dresscode and school uniforms and her school colours are GREEN and GOLD she is only allowed to have Green and yellow hair ribbons, ties and clips. Black shoes and white socks. They also need to bring their own lunch to school so she needed a backpack and a lunchbox.
And last but not least plain silver earings.

Jaimee is so excited about school and i sure hope that it will be as good at it seems.


I've made some paintings for Jaimee to have in her room to become at some point of our life....
I am very happy with the result and good thing Jaimee loves them too!!!

Big girls don't cry!

On monday Jaimee will start school!


And Jesse will start at the kindy that is right next to it. And it is only 10 min away from here...

WOOOOHOOOO.... So on monday she will have to dress up in her school uniform and be a good good girl!
Pics will be uploaded for sure later that day! :D


Still remember when I was little and i could hear my brother playing his guitar in the room nextdoor... Well he didn't do it for nothing!!
Here he is, in his own band MORT Leadsinger and guitarist!

Carrara market

Yesterday we wnt to the Carrara market! The kids got to rinde on ponys and it was the first timefor Jesse. He was very scared thou ha ha. Andthen they got their face painted. And after walking around a bit we went home, sorted our some lunch and met up with Nikkis family for a picknick lunch in Mudgeeraba.A very warm and intensed day but itwas loads of fun!

Our beautiful kids

Carrara market








Wedding dress

So need to share this dress with you!!!

It is made out of 12500 condoms!!!

Climbing on the walls

Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE IT down here. But I'm going a bit nuts since i dont have my sewingmachines och my painting things anymore. Everyone who knows me also know that i used to be very very creative on my sparetime at home. And since i dont have ANYTHING of that anymore it feels like i have ants in my pants!!!!
Today hopefully we're going to the shops to get some stuff so i can start painting again and make some stuff for us and the kids. Need to get started again.Or i will beclimbing on the walls, and i sure don't wanna get that close to the bloody spiders!!!!

Our time, our life!

In about a week from now I will put in a username and password on the blog.
Let me know who needs it and i will give it to you!

Parents on the loose!!

Two nights ago me, Josh, Nikki and Craig went out for dinner. Thekids got to spend some alone time with nana and we got to have a kick as time out!!
We went to a place called Benihana Japanese Steakhouse a place that i HIGHLY recomend. They cooked the food straight infront of you, and did it with a bit of a "show"...
I am most defenitly going back there!!!!

Nikki and Craig

Josh and me

Our chef for the night creating a vulcano...

Best chicken and Mushrooms I've ever had!!!

Josh , Me, Nikki and Craig...

And he did this upside down with salt...

HATS OFF!!!...
Big thanks to Helen, Craig, Nikki and Josh for this kick ass dinner!!!

Happy happy birthday Jesse

Time just runs past us! Jesse is now 2!!!!!!! INSANE!!
We have had a wonderful day so far. And here is some pics from the day!

The birthday cake!

Birthday boy


Trying out his new ride

Soon to be 2

On saturday Jesse will turn 2! Oh my godness! Nana will arrive tomorrow, and saturday will be filled with presents and cake... And yes, you all know me right... What am I going to make for type of cake for him this year??
Well. Time is running out and i got NO CLUE!!!

Just been googeling around and found these!
So what do you think??
I know the first one is a biiiit to much but i just LOVE all the colours!!
And the other four is his favourite toys atm.

Isn't this funny! Happy 2nd birthday Jesse... ha ha ha

And some more

Just found these from Tassie!

Jesse knows how to say Yellow!

Some morning fun


YAY... lets hope this will work. Cause i got a few nice videos i wanna share!

Jaimee now surely know her English ABC's

Jesse is trying hard to swim!

Jaimee have finally learned to swim without problem!

Our beautiful back garden :D

As most of you already know it's been raining a fair bit in Queensland.
We didn't get it hard at all. But when it rains it f**king rains!
Hard to see on this video, going to try to download the once i have on the proper videocamera. Much better pics from it there.

Play time

The kids are going crazy and just loves being in the wather!
And once they are in the pool its hard to get them out!

AND!!!! JAIMEE HAVE LEARNED TO SWIM!!! She is sooooo good!! <3

Ella, Josh and Jaimee

Jesse swimming

Jaimee doing a backflip

Happy New year!

So 2010 have come to its end. And oh my godness it was filled with alot of good and bad things.

Jesse had his 2nd operation, we went to Cyprus, i quit my job, we had to say goodbye to all our friends and familyas we moved to Australia, we've been to Tasmania and are now in the Gold coast. We got our "own" place to stay at now. And I got to celebrate Christmas and New year for the first time in my life in the heat! And just a few hours before 2010 was over I cried as i accedently touched a spider.

Sure hope that 2011 will bring lots of happines and joy for us and everyone I know!

We were suppose to celebrate new year at Burleigh but Jaimee and Ella started off the morning with threwing up, even thou they both was all good after lunch we decided to stay at home and have a picnick on the gras.
And we (atleast I) had lots of fun. And we celebrated the strike of 12AM to look at the fireworks from Sidney at the TV and playing Toad golf.

Some pics from the night!

Sparkys for the kids

Jesse happy

Craig and Josh


Jaimee Ella and Jesse

Mitchell, Phil, Jaimee, Ella, Jesse, Nikki, Josh Craig and Murray.

And when the dark set in the kids got plenty of Glowsticks.

And the lightshow was on.

Jaimee and Ella


Me Josh and Craig played some Toad golf.

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