Everything good comes with some shit!!

Josh started a new job last tuesday! And it is great! Close and he is able to work as he like so he can pick up and drop off the kids at school and kindysince I don't have a license. So finally we are slowly starting to land on our feet.

Jaimee is VERY excited that daddy got a job,because that means that we will got our own place soon and Jaimee will get her own room and have a puppy... ha ha ha ha!!!! She even asked Josh the other day if he likes his job just to reinsure that that puppy will arrive soon!!... hi hi hi

Yesterday I had to take Jesse to the doctors, because he have a REALLY bad ear infection! He have never had it this bad ever, and he have had a few infections in his life! He is just screaming if I even get close to his ear, so cleaning it is just heart breaking but a must! So he medicin for it now and hopefully it will start working for him soon. He still have very high fever! The painkillers just takes the fever down a lil bit but not enough! So if not better by tomorrow we might need to take him in again! Will also find out tomorrow the test result of the swab they took in his ear, to find out what type of infection it is.

Yesterday thou Jaimee was the one htat did the introduction at school when it was finished(a new kid everyday). She stept out of the clasroom with miss Walsh and Jaimee said: "Mums and dads please come in"
She had spoken loud and clear! I'm so proud of her, wish I had been there to see it!!!

Still waiting for my bloody papers!! GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Why why why why does it have to take so long??? It's been 3 months now!!! :(

I'm althou quite happy that we are NOT down in Tassie With Helen and Roy atm(WE DO MISS YOU DON'T GET ME WRONG HERE!!). Because Their dog Dibby is soon (in 3 weeks i think) having minimum 6 puppies!!! Holy crap!!! Just imagine that sight!! ha ha ha ha... Jaimee and Jesse would go bananas! Jaimee is already doing it over here by the thought of the pups!

Well well... Time to dream away and look for saome houses!!!
Over and out, if you win the lotto....shout!


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