Fat vs.Skinny

Ok... I know it's alot of talk at the moment and been for quite a while now about Kelly Osbourne!
But lets face it! No matter how much I dislike her. She have done a hell of a job to straighten her self up...

Friday lovely friday

Today after Josh finnished work and picked up the girls from school we decided to head down to the beach for a swim. Nice warm and sunny day! Of course we were met by a the big sign down at the beach saying:


That is quite commen thou and often the once that are washed up on to the shore are already dead and either barely sting or don't sting at all!! Well with our fab luck both Jaimee and Jesse got stung! Jesse om the leg, he didn't feel it thou! (THANK GOD) And Jaimee on the as by a lil shit that went inside her swimmers. And trust me she felt it.. So i grabbed Jesse under my arm and Jaimee walked next to me crying, Josh was in the wather. And we walked up to the tower and got some cream from the lifesaver chick to put on the burned places!

Afterthat we went and had dinner and got some groceries. And we found the funniest sausages ever... ha ha ha ha. Didn't get any today! But next time...

Well i got some nice pics from this messy day anyway!

What a shit shit shit shit shit shit

Gaaaaaaahhhhhh... Been emailing with the embassy today and asked a bit about my visa.
And this is how it went...


Just wondering how far my papers have gone, if someone have started to look in to it or not? If you know how much longer it might take.

Best regards
Johanna Stahre


Dear Ms Stahre,

Thank you for your enquiry. as yet your case has not been allocated to a case officer. The department is currently allocating cases from the 12th of July 2010. As your application was lodged on the 15thof November 2010, it is likely that your case will not be allocated a case officer until approximately August 2011.

Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh... Now i REALLY need to find some small loop holes I'm able to use so I will be granted to work til they have made an decition!

THIS SO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the morning garden...

These bloody lunches....

Last night i was up and made some yammy Muffins with: Tomatoes, ham, cheese and Pineapple. I'm still not too pleased with the fact that you have to bring your own lunch to school. So now I'm going to try a few diffrent things to see it it will be better "food" for Jaimee to bring to school. It makes me quite sad to see that parent are sending cakes for their kids for their morning tea. Not sure if I'm much better with my lunchboxes to the kids but still!! Holy crap! This is what i give the kids:


(Drink: Water)

Morning tea:
Yoghurt, muslibar and half a fruit.

Mainly leftovers, they have a fridge and a micro at kindy where they are able to heat up the food. YAY!!

Shared snack:

all the kids bring a fruit each and they make a fruit salad.


(Drink: Water)

Either- Pastasalad with chicken or beef. OR. Sandwedges with cheese, ham/grilled chicken/roastbeef and capsicun. OR. Pancakes with jam. And always either a fruit or some veggies.

Afternoon tea:


It is mainly Jaimee's lunch i think is hard. Because they are not able to heat it up, and they are not able to put it in a fridge either...


My food-muffins I made :D
Mina mat-muffins jag gjorde :D

Igår kväll gjorde jag några mumsiga mat-muffins med: Tomat, skinka, ost och annanas. Jag är fortfarande inte allt för glad över att vi måste ha lunchlåda med oss till barnen. Så jag ska nu prova lite olika saker som kan vara lite "bättre" mat för Jaimee att ta med sig till skolan. Det gör mig ganska ledsen/förvånad att faktiskt se föräldrar som ger sina barn kakor till morgonfikat/melliset. Vet inte riktigtom jag kan påstå att jag gör så mycket bättre lunchlådor själv men ändå.... Kakor... Det här är iaf vad jag skickar med barnen i deraslådor:


(Dricka under dagen: Vatten)

Yoghurt, "Muslikaka" och en halv frukt

Oftast rester från dagen innan då dom faktiskt har ett kylskåp och en micro så dom kanvärma uppmaten.

Gemensamt mellis:
Alla barnen tar med sig en frukt var så gör dom en fruktsallad.


(Dricka under dagen: Vatten)


Något av följande: - Pastasallad med kycklig eller kött. ELLER. Smörgås med ost, skinka/kyckling/rostbiff och paprika. ELLER. Pankakor med sylt. Och allti antingen en frukt eller grönsaker.


Det är mestadels Jaimee's lunch som jag tycker är svår. För dom kan inte värma sin mat, och dom kan inte sätta sin lunchlåda i nån kyl heller.


Saturday lunch

Today we went up in the mountains for a nice relaxing lunch, well needed after a long week. We stopped at a Polish place. Food were'nt that awsome but the view was just amazing.

Idag åkte vi upp i bergen för att avnjuten en härlig lunch, välbehövlig efter en lång vecka. Vi stannade på en Polsk restaurang. Maten var inte super god men utsikten var helt fantastisk.

Everything good comes with some shit!!

Josh started a new job last tuesday! And it is great! Close and he is able to work as he like so he can pick up and drop off the kids at school and kindysince I don't have a license. So finally we are slowly starting to land on our feet.

Jaimee is VERY excited that daddy got a job,because that means that we will got our own place soon and Jaimee will get her own room and have a puppy... ha ha ha ha!!!! She even asked Josh the other day if he likes his job just to reinsure that that puppy will arrive soon!!... hi hi hi

Yesterday I had to take Jesse to the doctors, because he have a REALLY bad ear infection! He have never had it this bad ever, and he have had a few infections in his life! He is just screaming if I even get close to his ear, so cleaning it is just heart breaking but a must! So he medicin for it now and hopefully it will start working for him soon. He still have very high fever! The painkillers just takes the fever down a lil bit but not enough! So if not better by tomorrow we might need to take him in again! Will also find out tomorrow the test result of the swab they took in his ear, to find out what type of infection it is.

Yesterday thou Jaimee was the one htat did the introduction at school when it was finished(a new kid everyday). She stept out of the clasroom with miss Walsh and Jaimee said: "Mums and dads please come in"
She had spoken loud and clear! I'm so proud of her, wish I had been there to see it!!!

Still waiting for my bloody papers!! GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Why why why why does it have to take so long??? It's been 3 months now!!! :(

I'm althou quite happy that we are NOT down in Tassie With Helen and Roy atm(WE DO MISS YOU DON'T GET ME WRONG HERE!!). Because Their dog Dibby is soon (in 3 weeks i think) having minimum 6 puppies!!! Holy crap!!! Just imagine that sight!! ha ha ha ha... Jaimee and Jesse would go bananas! Jaimee is already doing it over here by the thought of the pups!

Well well... Time to dream away and look for saome houses!!!
Over and out, if you win the lotto....shout!

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