What a day!

Today we went with my parents for a roadtrip to walk in the woods and get some mushrooms.
Jaimee rocked at it and showed us several times were they were... ha ha...

After that we went to their place for some dinner and ate it all up... YAMMY!

And off we go

Jesse is showing Morfar a pine cone

We saw 100 beetles, 1 frog and 1 lizzard

Jaimee next to the "little" ant nest

And ofcourse i forgot to take a pic when they were in the basket... ha ha...
Better late then never!!!

Postat av: aka moran

Thank you for the day, it was so nice to go out with you in the forrest. And the mushroom taste so good. Lovely!

Big hugs to all of you from moran and faran.

2010-09-11 @ 21:33:38

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