Jesse now and then

Going to show you pics again of Jesses cleft. My lil book is finished now, and waiting for it to arriwe so i can send it to the team. I also made one for myself! :D
But here we go!

Jesse at birth (before any treatment have started) and Jesse now.

What a cute son we got.... :D and i'll say it once again, LOVE THE RESULTS!!!


Todaywe went out on a trip with my parents again. So nice, and the kids LOVE IT! Us too ofcourse, but it is so nice to be able to outside. And here is some pics from today!

Josh is fixing some food...

And morfar found a lil frog (groda in swedish) and Jaimee had if for a while and named it grodis.
sooo creative... ha ha

We also founs some chocolate muffin mushrooms...

But this is the one we picked today... and we found LOTS!!!

Jaimee was super as always and found lots and picked it too...

Looooooooooots of mushrooms... Tomorrow i'm going to make a risotto with broccoli and mushrooms...

Our crazy monsters...

Walking in his sis footsteps...

Jaimee making her pretty face!

And it sure didn't take long til Jesse started to do it to... Like 3 seconds?? :D

Jaimee holding little Liam

Time to put it on paper...

Hard to describe what we have gone threw with Jesse since we found out on the ultra scan that he had a cleft.
All the feelings, all the doctors apointments and operations. I often sit and look at the pictures from his birth and operations. And i still get really emotional, happy, that we have such a lovely son and i cant understand what i was so upset and cyring about... I do but  i don't if that make any sence. We have been treated so well by the cleft team in Stockholm, and WHAT A GREAT JOB they have done... The results are so amazing.
I can never thank them enough. But i do wanna give them something, and also i wanna help (if possible) other parents that might be in the same situation that we were in when we found out.

So i am now making a tiny tiny book. Filled with pictures. Of Jesses life long jurney. I want to show other people that you will give birth to a child with a cleft. Not a cleft with a child (makes so much more sence in swedish). That even if it is hard, and it will be. You will get results you never thought were possible. That life doesn't stop. To be strong and talk about everything that is happening. We are no superheroes and it sure takes on your strength.
I wish i got in contact with a psykologist earlier then i did... But i never wanted to admit to either myself or others that i thought it was hard. The comments you got from people around. And everything wasn't nice... I can remember a few times i got so shocked of comments i made an excuse to go and just broke down in tears.
But i think that the sadest part is the lack of knowledge people have about things like this.
1 child out of 500 is born with a cleft... That is plenty!! AND I AM HAPPY MY SON IS ONE OF THEM! 

Of course everyone wants a child that is perfectly healthy, no disabilyties, nothing...
I wouldn't want to turn back time...


We came home yesterday from Kalix. Just a short trip this time, But well needed.
Nice to be able to see my Grandmother one last time. Cause she will not live for so much longer i dont think.
But she got really happy that she was finally able to meet Josh and her great granchildren.
We stayed at my cusine Mari's place. THANK YOU so much... We really appriciate it!! And we had a wonderful time, relaxing and nice...

And as always... here is some pics from the trip!!

Jaimee and Jesse on the train to the Airport!

Jesse and Josh

Arrived in Kalix, Näsbyn wher Mari lives.

Daddy is the best!

Mari and her son Matteus.

The kids found eachother staight away and they played so well for the entire trip...
And Jesse gave Matteus lots of hugs ang cuddles, more then Matteus wanted.. ha ha

Jesse, Jaimee and their cousin Amanda

Since we didn't have a car, They took Jaimee and Josh for a roadtrip aroundin Kalix so they could see the nature and the house i was brought up in.... And here is some pics from that..

The church, shit picture but a really nice church!

Me, Mari and Matteus

And then the fun was over and we are here waiting to board the plane.

And here it is... Small and shitty... ha ha ha

Jaimee all excited again! :D Time to enter...

And up up we go....

What a day!

Today we went with my parents for a roadtrip to walk in the woods and get some mushrooms.
Jaimee rocked at it and showed us several times were they were... ha ha...

After that we went to their place for some dinner and ate it all up... YAMMY!

And off we go

Jesse is showing Morfar a pine cone

We saw 100 beetles, 1 frog and 1 lizzard

Jaimee next to the "little" ant nest

And ofcourse i forgot to take a pic when they were in the basket... ha ha...
Better late then never!!!

Like mother, like son!!

Jesse also just looooves my monkey, just as i did as a kid. Got it on my first birthday. 27 years ago...

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