Up up and away!!!

Tickets are booked, and i sure don't wanna go in futher to it since i REALLY FUCKED it up at first! Ha ha ha ha... Well it got a lil bit more expensive but we got new tickets now and we are UP UP AND AWAY on the 4th of November. Most of the furnitures are now sold and we have started to pack up a few boxes that we are going to send. We are all excited about moving to Australia but it sure feels stange to leave everything here behind. Not looking forward to say godbye to all of my family and friends. But i know i will see them soon again. And good thing there is Phones and internet!! But as you know what they say something bad often follows with something good. And that is that we will be able to be close to Joshuas parents. And for his grandmother to see her 2 beautiful grandchildren!

So the time has soon come, only 15 days to go...

Need to cancel the last bills and need to pack up the last stuff... But good thing i feel like we are quite in order! I will OF COURSE panic the last couple of days, cry and stress over nothing. But fingers crossed it will go smooth!. If i will notice myself that i am about to go bananas I will send Josh and the kids to Busfabriken so i can deal with everything by myself ha ha.


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