The new me

Josh gave me a haircut for my birthday...

And here i am... :)

The new daycare!

Last tuesday we went to the kids new daycare and played there for a bit. Both Jaimee and Jesse loved it! And you can really tell this time that this is a really GOOD daycare.
Theteachers are consequent with the kids actions = calm and really nice atmosphere. They arereally caring and you can see on the kids that they feel safe there and that they have fun.
We were there for 3 hours. And i didn't see a sad face on any kid, and no fights at all. I know that it's not like this everyday there. But you can really tell that this will be good.
Going there on Monday again. And now we will be there monday-friday 9-14! And after that the kids will hopefully be alright. Jaimee is already more then pleased with it and have asked every single day since we were there if she PLIIIIIIIIIIIIS can go there again. :)
Jesse was a bit scared for a start but just before we left he gave his new teacher a hug! *Awwww cutie*

Fingers crossed that it will go super this coming week!

Jesse walking home from his first day at daycare!

Jaimee after her first day at the new daycare!

Auntie Carina is in the house

Today auntie Carina came for a visit... And Carina and Jaimee had lots of fun with my laptop...:)

Cheeky Jesse

Guessing that Jesse was trying to prove a point or so today...
Maybe that he wasn't finished with his bath when we took him our of it earlier today...
Ha ha ha...

Jaimee's photo blog

Once again... Jaimee have taken the camera and took some pics she wants to share with all of you!...
And since she doesn't have har own blog she will be sharing mine every now and then!

Jaimee's 4th birthday

Here we go. The 30th of April Jaimee turned 4!!!! CRAZY!!!!!
She invited a few of her friends and threw a prinsess/prince party!

And since nothing really goes my way we had some problems before the guests arrived.

The mousse for the cakes didn't set so the princess cake fell apart and broke the dress during the night!! :(
And 1½ hour before the guests arrive Jaimees Pinyãta caught on fire on the stofe. Destroyed the new fan we got a week ago... Just really happy we were able to put the fire out quickly. Candy is not the easiest thing to put out!!!
So without candy, pinyãta and a smoke filled apartment just before the guests arrived i think we did a very good job and atleast Jaimee is really happy and pleased with her day!

Luckely we had time to go to the shop and get new candy!... So we fixed a homemade pinyãta for the kids, and they were all happy!


Vendela, Jaimee and Rasmus



The destroyed cake!

All kids...

Time to open up some presents...

Home made Pinyãta


Jaimee and Jesse from today!

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