Daycare musical

First of all i wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH! I Love you!!!

Yesterday they had the yearly musical at Jaimee and Jesses daycare... a 45 min long show filled with happy kids, songs and laughter... GOD DAMMIT I'M PROUD OF THEM!!! They were so cute, good and they had so much fun...
This year the musical was about the year sll over. They started in Januari and worked their way threw to December.

And here is some pics from the day!!

Jesse and Jaimee is trying on their outfits at home. Jesse as a hen and Jaimee as a Flamingo.

Jesse in yellow. They had to change him from a hen to "gullefjun"...

Jaimee sitting in the back.

Jesses turn to go up in the front and sing the song "Gullefjun"

Jesse sitting in his daycare teatcher Carinas lap.

The cute lil hens are trying to escape threw a hole in the fence!

Jaimees turn to go up to sing about the summer. (Idas sommarvisa)

The [mosquito] on the far left.  ha ha

Time to stomp their feet!!

And what would a swedish summer be without a "midsommar stång" That all the kids can dance around in midsummer.

They sang about christmas too...

And finally it was time to dance the christmas out from all the homes.

Beautiful lil Jaimee. So happy and proud after the show.

Me and adorable lil Jesse.

Jaimee and Josh

And before we want home we had some cake!!!...


Postat av: Nana & Pa

What a wonderful time for the children and the parents. I was great that you could both go and watch Jaimee and Jesse's musical. The weather looks perfect and lots of fun for everyone. How grown up Jaimee and Jesse are now and 45 minutes is a long time I'm so glad they were good and enjoyed their day.

Happy Birthday to Josh and great to talk to all of you yesterday. I really enjoyed talking to Jaimee and Jesse.

Love to you all

Nana & Pa xxxxxooooo

2010-06-06 @ 03:06:13

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