Long time no see... 1 week ago we got back from Cyprus. We stayed in Fig Tree Bay, Protaras. Supernice. We were suppose to only stay for 8 days but the same day that we were going to fly home Jessegot sick and he had to go to the hospital. So we had to stay 3 extra days and good thing we got a kick ass home incuranse. Cause they paid for everything!!!... YAY!!! Jesse is all ok now. And i (and only me) misses the heat... I'm not made to live in Sweden. Neeeeeed sun sun sun and more sun.

Here is some pics from our holiday!

"Cause i'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when i'll be back again"

Just checked in at the hotel Maistrali. (Not to recomend)

Our bungalow and the view from it is here below.

My kick ass family

Jaimee and Josh are checking out the cliffs that was just next to the hotel.

The big beach next to the hotel. We had to pay 7,50 euros to rent 2 chairs and a parasol.

Jesse hate to be here. Too cold i would guess. He just kept screaming! Ha ha

Jaimee loved it on the other hand :)

And here goes Johanna Parasailing 500 feet above the wather.

Can you see me?? ;D

Time for the tourist family to go on a family roadtrip. :D

Jesse is getting ready to visit the goat farm.

First stop was at a farm where they made the cheese Halloumi...

Our 2nd stop was at a choclate factory, dont have any pics from there thou.

Our third Stop was at a Orange vinyard. We paid 2 euros here and got a bag to fill up with as many orenges we wanted. And we got to pic them ourselves from the tree.

This was our 4th and last stop at the trip. Quite shit but the kids loved it.

Lunch time!.... THE BEST WAFFLES EVER!!!

Dont have a super good pic from this at a distance. This lil church is up on a mountain.
178 steps to get up to it. and the view was amazing!

The day before we were suppose to go home we went on a family Catamaran cruise.
(The boat to the right)

Time for the first stop and for all of ur to jump in the wather. 3 meters deep. And the wather was so clear you could look 25 meters around you.

This is Famagusta "The ghost town" No one have been allowed to live there since 1974. If you go past the landmarks in the wather och the gates at land you will be arrested.

Then it was time for some games and a magic show for the kids

"Last Night" Dinner at Divas, a flambe place Super good! And the best thing with all the restaurants is that they have playgrounds... YAY!!!

After rough night Jesse and Josh had to go by ambulance to the hospital.
And Me and Jaimee stayed at the hotel waiting for Josh to call and tell me if we were allowed to flyhome that day.
That didn't happen since Jesse got a chest infection and needed medicin and his oxygen level in the blood was way too low. So our holliday contiued, for free and at a new and better hotel, Narcissos.
We stayed for 3 more days and Jesse and Josh only had to stay at the hospital for 1 night. So that was kick ass! :D

At the hospital

The pool at the new hotel.

The view from our balcony.

Dinner in Ayia Napa


Jesse with his doctor who came a last time to make sure Jesse was fit to fly home!

But ofcourse nothing really goes smooth when it comes to us sooo....
The fligt was 1 hour late and Jesse ran in to a wall!!

And here is some last high light pics.

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