Nice nice nice

Finally we got some nice sunny days again after 6 days of rain. Not complaining thou since its really nice still with the rain and you can still go to the beach for a swim without getting cold!

Yesterday we went for a nice lil walk before bedtime in a hill in Burleigh heads.

And this is the "hill" we walked aroun in. A rout of almost 3 km.

Surfers Paradise

And today we went for a walk up in the mountains, in the rainforest.
Can not describe in words how beautiful it was.
But here is some pics.

I met this "lil" lizard that scared the crap out of me. Only 50 cm long!!! *GULP*

Lunch time.

And now tonight we have been running at the beach!

And HELLO COLD SWEDEN!!! I got one thing to show you!!!
Just to rub it in a lil bit more...

Time: 18.51 Outside temperature: +28

Postat av: Therese

Haha... EVIL!

Ni ser ut att ha det riktigt skönt, längtar till vi kan komma och hälsa på er! pussar i massor

2010-12-11 @ 10:00:48

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