Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

We spent Christmas in the Gold Coast with Joshs relatives. Plenty of us and lots of fun...

Cake 1 of 2 that i made.

Cake 2 of 2 that i made for Christmas

Just woken up from Nany Leni who was playong beatiful music right out side our door at 6.30 AM
Ha ha ha... I honestly thought it would be around 4 AM. But she let us sleep in a lil bit...

Jaimee showing off in her BEAUTIFUL new Swimsuit and skirt that came with it.
I had to force her to put on some other clothes a few hours later... :D

The afternoon was filled with food and playtime for the kids...

Postat av: storstrumpa

Merry X-mas! =)


2010-12-26 @ 12:05:46
Postat av: sissi

vilken annorlunda julafton mysigt! Puss på er!

2011-01-01 @ 18:03:52

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