Going up north

The trip is finally booked! Its been around 6 years since i've been upnorth visiting my grandmother, relatives and friends. And now we are all going! 14-18 of September. We are going to stay at my cusins Mari and her family. And i'm so happy that we are all going up to, to show Josh where i grow upand for my grandma to be able to meet my family! Her great grandchildren! It will be alot of tears this trip cause i'm more then sure this will be the last time i will see my grandma alive. But i'm looking forward to it! This trip will be so much fun!...

Postat av: Nana & Pa

It will be wonderful to spend some time with your family up north and for Josh to see where you spent your childhood. Also it will be lovely for the children to meet their great grandmother. Have a great time.

Love Nana & Pa

2010-08-28 @ 01:35:36

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