Carlings kick off 2010!!!

Last weekend i went on a shopmanager kick off with work. To see everything that they had bought in for the authum... And ofcours they threw a big party after! Dont have so many pics since i forgot to charge my camera but here is a few atleast... And god dammit it was fun... :D

The day started good. Martina in blue and Me in red.
Time to be Japaneese sumo wrestlers...

Me and Martina

Caroline and Mikaela

Junte and Johnny

Markus and Mikaela

Rune, one of the ownes at the Varner-group. Presenting where the next shop manager kick off will be 2011

Me, Carro, Martina and Mikaela

Ha ha ha

All in one!

Not much is happening here at the moment. Yesterday me and Josh went out for dinner and my parents came to our place and stayed with the kids so we could go out for a bit... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Now saturday-Sunday i'm going to Stockholm with work for the Shop manager kick off...
It's going to be alot of fun... :D We're staying at Hasseludden... A super nice spa!...

Today i went to a meeting at Jaimee and Jesses new daycare. This is going to be sooo good!!! cant wait til the 11th of May when Jaimee will start... Jesse will start the 17th of may (i think) a monday atleast!

Just downloaded some pics from my phone...
And yes in deed... i got the cutest and best family ever!!!

Jaimee ready to go to the movie with mormor

Jesse is now steady as a rock and love to sit on his lil stool and paint!

Jaimee and Josh out walking in the sun on a sunday...

Jesse and Jaimee out fro a stroll in the lovely spring weather we got...

Jaimee got some earings in her easter egg...

Jesse all happy eating cake at mormor and morfars place...

more and more and more

Jesse in his new outfit!

Velour pants unisex


Another skirt

Thin jersey pants, same model as the monkey pants.

Hilmas gränd

A friend of mine just opened up her own web shop! And it sure got lots of nice things in it...

Go crazy, have a look around... You will ALWAYS get more money next month ;)


I've finished a few things for the kids now... Lots to go thou...
Me like, you like?

Didn't notice until after that Jaimee have had her finger on the lens, so the pics are a bit smudged..

Jaimee with a skirt full of mushrooms!!!!

Jaimee with some yellow/purple tights

Jaimee with some bicykle tights

Jesse with some nice thin and loose pants. Filled with monkeys

Long sleeved sweather with a chest pocket.

Detail pic of the pocket

and the blankets... of course...

More pics will come up tomorrow....

Looking back...

The last few days i'v really notices a big change with Jesse by the way he looks...
The result we got so far, And it's just 10 moths now after the first operation that he had...
Got some pics to update you all of what amazing doctors we've met, that have been able to give Jesse a face that is just beautiful...

Jesse just a few hours old!

The plate

First day with the plate in his mouth

First tejping we did, to lenghten the gap underneth his nose

2nd tejp, to pull the cleft together, and to push back the jaw!

Jesse just about to have surgery.

The day after surgery 090528

Face from front, a few days after surgery

Face from the side... A few days after the surgery

Jesse today, 100410. Not the best pics but i think you get the point... ;)

Lil miss cheeky

And the 1000 dollar question is....

"Who took the camera on the 7th of April 2010?"

Clue nr.1

Clue nr.2

Best buy...

Yesterday we went out to Tornby and bought a new charger for my camera... YAAAAAAY!!! So now i'm back on track and won't miss a thing!

And here is some pics from the camera that i wanna chare!

Jesse and Morfar August-09

Uncle is so scary... ha ha ha

Jaimee and Josh

Jesse and nana

Helen and Roy, aka Nana and Pa.

Jaimee with her new Pippi doll!!

Roy and Josh...

Jesse fell asleep on the kitchen floor in Vallentuna, waiting for mum to finish up the dishes... ha ha

Evelina styled my hair... cuuuuurly!!

Me with my bang...  September -09 i think

The cake i made for Jaimees daycare teachers in Vallentuna. Her last day at Junibacken!

The best Eva in the world... MISS YOU... The day we moved to Linköping.
Eva, Rolle, Rasmus and Isabellecame to help and to say good bye!!!

Jaimee, Rasmus, Isabelle and Jesse... Waiting for us to finish packing up and move...

Jaimee ready for Elias halloween birthday party.

Today Jaimee baked a cake, and decorated it!!

And Jesse LOVED IT!!!!

Me and Jaimee today!

Give me a home!!!

oy oy oy ...

Getting so sick and tired of looking for a house... I wanna have one now... not wait...
The house we were biddig at got to expensive so we stopped....
And now we have found 2 new houses...

Fingers crossed they will be good... Or atleast 1 of them!!

or this one...

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