Finally the moment we've been waiting for! In 30 min we will go home! :)

smile shining threw!


trying to smile with his swollen face! Hi hi hi


Lil jesse boy! It is itching really bad for him! But he is not allowed to have his cuddle blanket, his dummy or sleep on his stomach for 2 weeks! So If he didn't know b4 he sure knows how to roll from his back to his stomack now!

Back in the room!

we're back in our room now! And jesse have just started to eat a lil bit again! Althou he got a high fever and the morfine is not enough so he is getting 2 other pain killers too! It so sucks to see him like this! But the nurses are super! The surgeon said that he will be more swollen by tomorrow but after that it should go down!

New operated

ready set and done! Super swolle

ready set and done! Super swollen but the result is amazing!

The eye infection is almost gone


The eye infection is now almost all gone thanks to the eye cream so surgery is on! So jesse is now in the middle of his surgery! They started at 9 this morning and they think that they will be done somewhere around 12.30-13! Last night they tried to set the drip but they couldn't get inside any of the veins so they had to wait til he got asleep! Poor lil one! Cant wait to see him! Jaimee is at my sis place! She went there last night for her slumber party! :)


0-6e09a363fedae6b5969a9fcd143cf336.png READY FOR SURGERY!

Soon soon!!

Tomorrow is the first step to Jesses operation! Jaimee will go to my sis in the afternoon and after that me and Josh will Take Jesse to the hospital! Since the operation is early morning wednesday we have to sleepe there over night so all the preparations will be done in time for surgery! And since Josh ain't abel to get up at all in the mornings he will sleepe there with Jesse and i will stay at a friends place! Feels so crazy!! He will have a closed lip cleft in LESS then 48 hours!... *gulp*

And good thing i took some pics of Jesse tonight cause then i saw that the settings in the camera was f*cked!
But it's sorted out now!... Goood!!... God night all!!!... Talk to you when surgery is done!.. =)

Some pics from today! =)

Jaimee on the big swing

Jaimee and Jackie eating Lollys

Jaimee and Jackie found a hose that was wathering some plants... They sure had LOTS of fun and got pretty wat too!

Jackie soaked in wather and she fell of course in the mud too!

Jesse smiling! Soon there will be no more tejp and plate!

Never shut up!

Josh is more then "happy" for the fact that we now are 3 out of 4 people in our lil family that NEVER shuts up!
Ha ha ha ha ha...

New blogg

I've started a new blogg for all the cakes and CC!
So this blogg will just be about me, myself and my familjy now!

And here's the new blogg adress:

Cup cakes

I've made my first "real" cupcakes today!
Chocolate/raspberry with white fudge and roses!...
It was quite hard to make the fudge firm... But hopefully it will go better next time!
And since no one (except for Jaimee) in this houshold is super fond of cupcakes i brought them to daycare and gave it to the teachers!... They are doing a super good job there, Jaimee loves it... And they got super happy!!...

Happy birthday to me...

So... Todag is my 16th birthday!!  *hi hi* But if you would ask anyone els they would say 26!... Althou thats not too bad either! Just doesn't feel like i'm 26 at all...
Thanks for all the sms and phonecalls... And all the beautiful birthday songs! =)

Josh picked up Jaimee today from daycare and they had been down to the florist and Jaimee picked out som beautiful flowers for me... She's tooo cute...

4H farm

Today we went to the 4H farm to visit all the animals and to ride a pony!
My brother and Theo also came along...
We had to wait for 1.5 hours before it was Jaimee and Theos turn!... But it was worth waiting for!
The kids had so much fun and they are still running around like crazy here at home

Theo and Jaimee on their bikes on our way to the farm

Theo and Andreas

The new arrivals on the farm

They had a car where you were abel to test sit in!



FINALLY our turn to ride on the horse!... Jaimee is getting ready!

Jaimee is super happy and really good at keeping the balance up there!

Done and done! Jaimee wanted to go one more time ofcourse! =)

Theo done with his ride also!

So need to do this more often!... Thanks for a super nice day out in the sun!

Announce yourself

It's quite funny that no one is really leaving any comments...
But its still +/- 40 "uniqe" visitors on my blog every day...
Would be fun to know who everyone is!?!??... =)

Time for me to tell you...

It's only been like 4 days since i updated the blog but god dammit it's been busy days! =)

Today the doc. came to check on Jesse's weight and he is soon a lil fatzo!
5310 gr. WIIIIIHOOOOO!!!!
So he have gaind 80 gr ALL BY HIM SELF over the last 4 days!...
So now we don't need the doc's to come home for check ups anymore!!...

We've been to the playground with Rasmus and Ebba...

We were suppose to go to the 4H-farm last sunday but since the weather was shit we stayed at home and had lunch on the balcony!...

I've just helped a friend of mine to make a princess for her daughters 3-years party!
Not done here thou. Going to get some eyelashes and some dots in the eyes!

And Jesse is just getting stronger and stonger and starts to enjoy being on his stomach!... (about time!!!!)

Lip reconstruction

When Jesse was still in my stomach i thought that i didn't wanna take so many pics of him because of the cleft...
I thought it was going to be 1.000.000 times worse then it actually is!...
Luckely this is something you get wiser of... Cause he is not repulsive or anything like that at all!...

He is the cutest lil guy i could ever imagine getting... He is Happy, he is cute and he is HEALTHY!!

But now we're getting ready for the first operation and here's some pics of what we've done and what it looks like!

Jesse just a few hours old!

Jesse at the dentist

The plate

First day with the plate in his mouth

First tejping we did, to lenghten the gap underneth his nose

2nd tejp, to pull the cleft together, and to push back the jaw!

And here is the results so far!

Our lil popstar

Jaimee singing "Bä bä vita lamm"
Only that this is the 15034 th time so now she's making new words in it...


If anyone wonder what might happen if you leave a 3 year old alone with a sissor for 10 seconds i can tell you one of the things what might happen!...

They might decide that they are hair dressers and cut some in their hair!

So after the fact that i saw my lil princess with the sissor in one hand and some hair in the other... i just wanted to cry!
so i had to fix it... but since she got curly  hair it sure fucked up... i cut it just under the eyebrowns, but when the hair  dried it curled up! THANK GOD FOR HAIR CLIPPERS!!!


Wihoo... Finally!!!... today i got the letter i've been waitong for so long!


We're going to the hospital to meet the plastic surgeon on the 19th of May and the operation will be the 27th of May!

I honestly dont know what to do with my self right this secound!... I'M SOOOO SOOOO SOOOO HAPPY!!!!

When i grow up!

i think i want to bake cakes!!...
So much fun now since you get started!

It started of as my mission impossible since i was a bit too slow to order a birthday cake for her 1 year party!

And this is what i've created so far!

Jaimee's first birthday cake 2007 (1 year)

Jaimee's birthday cake 2007 (1 year)

Jaimee's Birthday cake 2008 (2 years)

Jaimee's birthday cake 2009 (3 years)

Detail on Ariel cake 2009 (3 years)

Details Ariel cake 2009 (3 years)

Jaimee's birthday cake 2009 (3 years)

Detail on rose cake 2009 (3 years)

Back in sweden!

As you all know by now my sister is back in sweden!...
And let me tell you that Jaimee is the happiest kid on earth to have her home... =)

Jaimee is helping mum to bake a cake

So much fun to get dirty!

And Jaimee's third cake! Cause she's been telling us that she doesn't turn 3 until Carina gets home!

After a long day she cuddled up next to Carina in the sofa... Refusing to go to bed even thou her eyes went across ALL THE TIME!!!

Jesse and mummy!... Both tiered! Some sleep would be nice...

First time Carina met Jesse... Since he decided to come 3 days after she left to Thailand!

Mamas lil prince!


Soooon soooon soooon... 
My sister will get back to Sweden...
And no one is more happe then us!
1 more day to go!... wihooo....

Jaimee on her bike

Big girl!

Jaimee is now 3 years old! Where did the time go??
She is such  a big girl now...

Happy 3rd birthday beautiful!!!

Jaimee woke up from a singing mum and dad and a heart shaped cake!

And she got her beloved bike as well!!


And at daycare they celebrated her birthday with some fruitsallad and Jaimee helped them!


And time for some song and to eat

Jaimee also got a birthday fish from daycare!

And you can guess what we've been doing ever since! =)

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