me and the kids went down to my parents this monday and we are staying here for a while! Josh came down to us today and is staying til sunday! Going to have a relaxed midsummer, and just do nothing!


On wednesday I'm going to change my blog so I'm going to start using a username and a Password!
So if you would still like to read my blog please leave a comment with your e-mail adress and i'll send you the Username and Password when it's active!

Happy birthdays to us!!

Yesterday we were suppose to have a big big party outdoors for lots of friends and my family! But since we live in sweden and we got SHIT weather we had to call it off... *grrr* Althou we celebrated the day with my family and some friends. We ate some food, cake and drank some beer! Nice i would say! My mum doesn't wanna be on pics on the blog, (which i highly respect) but unlyckely i don't have a single pic of Jaimee and Theo without my mum beeing in it... *lol* So, you can all guess who the favorite of the day was... =) But here's some pics anyway!

The cake i made, Bloodorange and raspberry mousse

My brother, Caroline and my dad


Rolle and Eva

My sister Carina

my beautiful kids!!!

Jesse's lip is healing super good and the result is just getting better and better! we bet the surgeon 2 days ago and he was very pleased with the look and how it was healing! Now we're in the "final" step with the lip... and that is to ure a tejp over the scars for 1 month! And the reason is that it stops the scar from "growing" up... so it wont stick out! It will becom nice and smooth on the lip!

Jaimee was home from daycare today so she could play with Ebba and Markus. So today we first went to the doc to check on Jesses weight. 5,7 kg now!... WIIIIIHOOOOO!!!! FINALLY! He have gained almost 200 gr in 1 week. Me LIKE!!!
And after that Sarah, Ebba, Elliot, Carina, Markus and Malte came over for some playtime and some lunch!. Nice as always! :)

I also went down to the cake shop and got some Sugar paste, Modeling paste, purple color, Butterfly mold and some things for flowers!... Going to make a cake for Saturday when we're having a b-day party for me and Josh! We were suppose to be 30+ people first, but since it's suppose to rain we had to call it off :( Caus we wont fit in our 2 room apartment!... If i haven't said it before.... I WANT A HOUSE!!!! 

Send her back out there

My sis have been in sweden too long now! Send her back out there again on the link above!... vote vote vote!!!

Jaimee and Jesse

It's quite hard to say if Jaimee and Jesse looks like each other since he got the cleft... But now since that is fixed i've been looking threw LOTS of pics and the only thing i can "see" is how chubby Jaimee was and how skinny Jesse is now!... Ha ha ha!!

Jaimee Just born

Jesse  just born

Jaimee 5 Months!

Jesse 5 months!!

1 week after surgery!

This is a pic 9 days after the surgery! Stitches is still there but the dried blood is starting to fall off now at least!....


Sometimes i get super angry at everything that might come in my way! One thing that is making me really angry is GROWN UP PEOPLE that sure speak before they think! I've met a few and they have commented Jesses cleft is ways that is not acceptable!... I'm waiting for the day when the cup fills up with wather and i actually beat the shit out of someone for saying stupid things!

I dont get angry but i do get upset everytime a kid comments Jesses cleft!... Althou kids are easier to handle! You tell them that his lip was "broken" at birth but the doctor is going to help him and give him a new lip! and the kids are ok with that!... But yesterday when i picked up Jaimee from  daycare 2 kids stopped and looked at him (all kids do when a baby comes to daycare) And since there is still blood around his lip they of course had something to say!

-Look ****, Look at the baby he looks strange!
-yes, he sure do... super strange!

Jaimee is standing infront of them and says:
-He's not strange!!!

And one of the kids says!
-Yes he is, i can see for my self, He looks super strange!

Jaimee get upset and says:
-He's not strange, that's Jesse, my baby brother!

I try to end the conversation and takes Jaimee away from there! Fuck me it really breaks my heart when Jaimee have to "stand up" for her baby brother! She shouldn't have to get upset for the fact that another kid say rude things. She thinks that Jesse is the most amazing baby brother that she could ever have! She loves him more then anything els! And she have never questioned his cleft at all... Cause THAT IS JESSE!!!!  And she doesn't know anything els! 

I think its about fucking time parents talk to their kids about people with diffrent types of looks, handicaps etc...


Jaimee is a princess!

I made Jaimee a dress a few days ago.. and she loves it!.. every time she sees it she says that she is a princess!... Cuuuuuutie!! Josh think it looks like a plasticbag at the bottem!... Good thing it's me that dresses our kids!.. *ha ha*

Pics from the surgery!

Finally home!... Feels great!... althou Jesse is still in alot of pain! =(
But the result is just amazing!!

Some pics from the last week!

The day b4 Surgery! Time to get clean! 090526

Jaimee have packed her bag and is ready for her Slumberparty at Carinas place! 090526

Just arrived to hospital, happy and unknown of what is going to happen! 090526

Me and Josh, resting a bit waiting for the doctors 090526

Jesse on operation morning 090527

Super hungry and super angry, waiting to go down to the surgery!
Operation started at 09.00 and the last time he was allowed to eat was 4 pm 090527

Jesse and Daddy just about to go in to the surgeri room, mum was too much of a wreck to be abel to follow inside with him! Good thing daddy got nerves of steel! 090527

Jesse at the awakening room just after surgery.. still sleeping! 090527

Me and Jesse, had to sleep in a chair all night long since he is premature! Good thou since they were abel to make sure he was feeling super good and that nothing had gone wrong after surgery! 090527

Because of all the pain and the white sticks up his nose he weren't abel to eat from the bottle at first! But luckely he only had to use the white things the first 48 hours after surgery to shape the nose! 090528

The day after surgery and the face had swollen up even more! poor lil one :( 090528

Good thing hat hey had some nice people that walk around and give the kids some laughter! 090529

Jesse super happy when i told him we were going home! Finally!!!!!! 090530

And we celebrated that we got home with lunch outside! 090530

Jaimee was happy that we got home! But even more happy to play with soapbubbles! :) 090530

Jesse more then happy and slept super good outside in the heat! 090530

Jesse and Josh relaxing infront of the tv! Soooooooooo nice to be home again!

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