Happy new year!!!!

Soon only ½ hour left of this year! So what have happened this year that was so special??
A few things comes to my mind and that is...

*Jesse was born
*Me and Josh went to the AC/DC consert
*Jesse had his first operation
*Josh parents came for a visit
*We moved to Linköping
*I started to work and Josh is now home with the kids

I dont have so many pics on this computer. So i'm not able to put up some from the past year, but here is a few favorites!!.

Jaimee helping daddy to work. You think i'm abel to lift this 2ton bit of steel??

Beautiful lil Jesse

Not the best place to get stuck at...

Sleeping beauty

Love love love

Coolest in town

If you're super tiered it doesn't matter how you sleep...

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!! Love// Johanna Josh Jaimee Jesse

Pics update

It's been a while since i shared some pics... so i do think it's about time now... the quality is not the best... cause they're all taken with my phone...
But rather that then no pics at all!!!

Jaimee ready to go to Elias halloween birthday party.

Jaimee ready to go to her new daycare for the first time.

Jaimee and Jesse playing at Jaimees new daycare.

soooo cheeeeeeeky

She so got this wrong... the 3 wise men didn't ride on the sheeps to get to Jesus.... or??

Jaimee and me made 2 gingerbread houses. she decorated them all by her self...

e-bay next

i'm not sure what i will put out for sale first... my new computer or Jaimee...
The wireless internet doesn't work so Josh is going  insane and so am i... grrrr... Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
And yesterday Jaimee showed us how lovely it is to have a 3½ year old at home.
First of all she opened up some of her christmas gifts.. And after that she used a cd marker pen (black and permanent) and painted all over the apartment.
Starting in the kitchen:
*the new painted wall
*the light switch
*the door

*The big mirror
*the clausets

*Tiled floors
*Tiled walls
*the light switch
*the door

Jaimee and Jesses bedroom:
*The lightswitch
*the clausets
*the new wallpaper
*the big white furniture for storage
*jesses bed
*the light in the window

etc. etc...

It's so lovely to have kids sometimes!! =)

Merry christmas to me!!!

wiiihhoooooo... merry christmas to me...
Yesterday i recived my first christmas gift from Josh...
A BEAUTIFUL coat, and please ladies and gentlemen sit down... IT'S PURPLE!!!!!!

And today i recived my 2nd christmas gift and hopefully my last cause this is getting quite hard to match up to since he doesn't want anything... as usually...
I got a super cute laptop.... wihoo wihoo wihoo....

So this means that i will be able to be online ALOT more now... I've found the cord to transfere the pics to the computer now... but now i've lost the charger... GREAT!!!!

Otherwise i'm stressed as usually cause christmas is coming up soon... Still not ready with all the gifts and i haven't sent everything i have to either... suprised?? i'm surely not.

And that's so not it either. Jesses first birthday is soon aswell. *gulp* Totally forgot about it.
Althou the best thing is that Eva and the kids is coming over 7-8 of Januari so they will be here and celebrate Jesses b-day. =)

now it's time for some food and look around at all the blogs around and see what i've missed the last 2 months...
We miss you all and talk to you soon!!!

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