Still in Linköping

We've been in Linköping now for a week. Josh parents is here for a visit! And we are having a great time!
Done lots of stuff and here is a few pics of the week thats gone...

Pippi pippi pippi

Jaimee just LOVES Pippi Longstocking!
And  today they had a outdoor show here in Vallentuna! And we were of course there and got some company from Jaimees best friend Jackie and her mum! And it was sooooo nice... Perfect weather and the show was super fun!

Soooo cute

Same thing every morning... what would they do without eachother???

Clothes clothes clothes

Dags att bli av med lite grejjer....

36 plagg, allt för 500 kr. (Eller så säger ni det ni vill ha från det så gör vi ett paketpris av det!)

Bruna Roobeez tofflorna, 150 kr.

Tricot-slen svart bärsjal, 400 kr.

nån som vill köpa?

STRL. 50
5 långärmade omlott bodys
3 långärmade bodys
6 byxor
1 hängselbyxa
1 sovpåse
1 trosa
1 overall

STRL. 56
1 kortärmad body
5 långärmade bodys
1 pyjamas
1 zip jacka
4 byxor

STRL. 62
1 Jacka
2 långärmade bodys
1 byxa
1 bodysuit

STRL. 62
Overall med små tossor

0-6 månader
Roobeez tofflor, nyskick, 150 kr

Tricot-slen bärsjal
nyskick, 400 kr

Last couple of days...

So... I know i quite suck at updating the blog... but it's alot of stuff that is happening now...

But here is a update from the last 3 days!

Down at the pool with Jaimees best friend and his family!

Just arrived, Jesse is checking out the pool in his new swimmers!

Rasmus and Jaimee

Me and Jesse

Had a picknick with some of my mummy friends here in Vallentuna

And today we went to Skansen...





Big boy!

Jesse is such a big boy now! He still refuses to learn how to sit... but he is atleast crawling now!

Gröna Lund

Last weekend we went to Gröna Lund with my brother, Caroline and their son Theo. And you can all guess how much fun we had!... =D

Cheeky monkey

Jaimee is sooo funny!... The otherday when i was going in to her to tuck her in one last time b4 i went to bed i found her here sleeping here...

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