Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow Jaimee will turn 3!...
And we're not finished shopping for her yet...
Today is my mission to get her a bike...
And i'm thinking about getting this one!

Jaimees 3-years party

done done done... and she loved her whole party! tanks to everyone that came and thanks for all the beautiful gifts and thanks for  making her party so special!!!! here's some pics!

Done done and DONE!!!!

Wiiihoooo... Jaimees Birthday cake is now done!!!!
After many many hours the cake is finally finished!...
And god dammit i'm proud of my self!

Here it is!!... =)

Sure hope it will taste good aswell!!...
The filling is Strawberry and white cholate! =D

Oh... EVERYTHING on the cake is eatable... exept from Sebastian... ( i made him in pape mache)

Now it's time to sleep so i'm a lil bit restad for tomorrow atleast!...
So long everyone!...

B-day party and stolen phone!!

Today we went to my brother to celebrate Theos 4th birthday! It was a pirate party and oh my god did the kids love it!!!!!!
All kids was dressed up as pirates (except for Jaimee cause her mum sucks!!!!) and they were soooooo cute!...
Even Andreas and Caroline were pirates!... So... this party gets 6 stars of 5 possible!! Well done!!

But of course on our way home i forgot my phone on the bus and when i tried to call it 5 minutes later it was shut off and the bus driver didn't find it on the bus either...
So now no one is abel to call me... THIS SUCKS!!!

But atleast it was a goooooood b-day party and here's some pics from today!



ariel done! :)


ariel done! :)

today we went to the big pl


today we went to the big play ground with some of mine and Jaimees friends! And i do belive this is one of the times where the picture speaks for it self! :)

Going mental!

Every year arond this time i think i'm some kind of superwoman!...
And actually belive i will be abel to pull off a birthday cake for Jaimee...
This year she have asked for a blue cake with Ariel from the little mermaid on it!...
And of course my horse i'm going to make it...

And so far so good...

all pieces are done just the hair left but i can't make it until i've been abel to put the mermaid together...
and that sure is a mission impossible!!!!... *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

It just falls apart and fucks up... it gets dusty and just looks like shit... =(
Aja... got 1 more week to make it happen!...
Or i'm totally screwed!...

This is what i've done so far in the sugar molding paste.....

but luckely i got a plan B and that is to buy a ariel barbie and stick it in a cake and make a dress as a cake!... That can NOT be as retarded to make as this....

Beloved spring...

we've been lucky to have had such nice spring weather for several days now!.. and we've been outside every single day and enjoyed the sun!!!...

And most of the time we've been in Åbypak playing...
A real pice of shit hole if you ask me but they have a REALLY NICE playground atleast! =)

You can see for your self and Jaimee just LOVES to play there!

Jesse is also getting really strong and is super good at holding up his neck!
Not the best pic but hey... =)

He has started to really push away with his arms so he is looking straight ahead!
More then this but i'm still not abel to catch it in a pic... but soon soon soon!!

Oh.. and by the way!!
Jaimee threw away her dummies 2 weeks ago and haven't asked for them ever since!
And now she havent had any bottle food either for 4 days!!...
She is such a big girl now!!! And we are more then proud of her!!


Happy easter everyone!

and time for some update!

We've been home now for a few days at it feels GREAT!...
Jesse is still having trouble eating but now we're up to ½ a meal atleast!
So we're making small progress here.
Jaimee is super happy to have us all at home again!

Last thursday Jaimee had a Easter parade at daycare...
they told a story and got a lollypop and some cake!
Nice as always!

yesterday we went down to the lake and bbq:d some hotdogs and fed the ducks.
We met up with Jonas, Jessica and Hampus!
SUPER NICE WEATHER!!! Josh even walked around in shorts and a t-shirt!
and here's some pics from that:

And now since i'm home again i've been sewing a bit... and today i made Jaimee a pair of pants and a sweather...
And here's the results!

Happy happy happy!


Jaimee is more then happy to have jesse home again! She not leave him for a second and she always knows where he is! She is the only one allowed to give him his dummie and to change his daiper! And here she have tucked him in and reading a bedtime story!

home Sweet home!


home Sweet home! We are now signed out from Q63 and on our way home! So from now on we will be taken care of SHAB from home! I like! :)

back to the hospital


on our way back to the hospital now! We were abel to go home yesterday morning and we stayed home all night! :) but now we're on our way for the check up and to see a doctor about his skin! Then we're hopefully going to run home to see the easter parade at Jaimees daycare! So dont wanna miss it!

back at the hospital again!


back at the hospital again! Not sure when we're going home! It will either be today or tomorrow! Cause from now on we're going to be taken care of at home! If there is any problems at all or if the sond is not working as it should i will call a phone number and then a nurse will come over to our place and helps us! 24-7 Sweet!

happy to be home


jesse is happy to be home again! But we're only abel to stay at home til tomorrow morning! So tomorrow at 9 we have to be back at the hospital! Well well... Got atleast a few hours to spend at home!



Started off this spring morning with jesse gaining in weigt! So now he's 4454 gr! Then he showed off with his eating skills and ate a full meal all by him self from the bottle! (80 ml) so we took a power walk around the hospital for 30 min and then i had my first proper breakfast in years!!! With 2 pieces of bread and cheese and some corn flakes! This will be a good day! I can feel it!

working out


no time to be on the lazy side here even thou we're on the hospital! Jesse is showing off his skill in "kicking the shit out of the baby gym!"

the sond is back in And we


the sond is back in And we are now staying at q63! Time for our baby boy to grow strong!

here we go again! On our wa


here we go again! On our way to the hospital! Jesse is now down to 4310 gr :( :( and starting to be dehydrated! :(

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